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Microwave Oven FAQ’s

Before contacting our Customer Support team for advice, please consult our Problem Solving Guide below. This may help you to identify problems and provide solutions you can try yourself.

WARNING: It is dangerous for anyone other than a qualified person to make any repairs requiring removal of the cover providing protection from exposure to microwave energy. Never attempt to repair the oven yourself.pls call Atigh repair company on this number .00989122902536

  Good Cooking Practice:

  • To ensure the food cooks evenly and safely, please consider the following:
    1. Arrange food carefully, placing the thickest areas towards the outside of the cooking container.
    2. Cook food for the shortest time indicated by the recipe and add more time as needed. Do not overcook food as it can burn or even ignite.
    3. Cover food while it is cooking to prevent splattering and assist in even cooking.
    4. Turn foods such as Chicken and Hamburgers over once during cooking. It is essential that larger items like roasts be turned over at least once during cooking.
    5. When cooking more than one item, such as jacket potatoes, arrange food so that it is spaced evenly and pieces aren’t touching each other.
    6. Certain recipes /foods benefit from being rearranged or stirred half way through cooking.

  Why is my microwaves control panel not working?

    1. Is the power supply faulty – check that power supply is switched on, also check the main fuse or that a circuit breaker has not tripped.
    2. Has a programming sequence been entered unintentionally- a delayed start cooking program would cause the microwave oven to be unresponsive.
    3. Is the timer not set – the clock may need to be set for the oven to run. Check your user manual for instructions.
    4. Is the door not closed properly – open and close again. If this fails, stop using the oven and contact a qualified repairer.
    5. Does your microwave have a child lock facility which has been activated/ – Check your user manual for instructions on how to deactivate.
    6. If all these fail, contact our customer support team.

My food is heating unevenly:

  • This could be caused by the turntable not rotating properly. Please check the following:
    1. Is the turntable not turning smoothly – beneath the turntable a carrier with three rollers is located. Please clean these rollers, the surface and the cavity under the carrier according to the Cleaning section of the manual.
    2. Is the turntable sitting correctly on the carrier – please check the turntable is in the correct position.
    3. Is the motor faulty – please contact our customer support team.

 Everything appears to be working but my food is not heating up

    1. Has the incorrect power setting or cooking time been selected- alter as necessary.
    2. It could be a magnetron failure – please contact our customer support team

 Sparks are appearing in the oven while the food is being cooked

  • If you see sparks in the cooking chamber when you start cooking, stop the oven immediately and check for the following:
    1. Are there any exposed metal edges being placed in the microwave? – Metal foil, food bag ties, metal containers and utensils should never be used in a microwave oven. Don’t use any crockery which is decorated with metallic paint or glazes.
    2. Is there any carbonised food in the cooking chamber or on the door? – Clean the oven chamber and door thoroughly
  • Please don’t use the following types of crockery:
    1. Crystal
    2. Metal Rimmed crockery
    3. Melamine
    4. Metal
    5. Styrofoam
    6. Wood or wicker

If you are uncertain about the microwave safety of any cookware, contact the manufacturer.

Are there any cooking processes I can’t do in a microwave?

    1. Deep frying- Microwave ovens are not suitable for deep frying foods because of their lack of temperature control.
    2. Grilling, browning or crisping- this is only possible in microwaves with a grill insert.
    3. Baking – Can be done in a combination oven or microwave/convection oven.

Are there special procedures for cleaning microwaves?

    1. Your microwave should be cleaned on a regular basis
    2. To reduce cleaning, always cover food items as they’re being cooked to reduce food splatter
    3. Always wipe the oven clean after use
    4. Always unplug the microwave before cleaning it to reduce the chance of an electric shock
    5. If food has dried on the microwaves inner walls, heat a full cup of water for 3 mins before cleaning the appliance. The heat and humidity will soften any residues and make them easier to wipe out.
    6. Do not use abrasive cleaners or commercial oven cleaners on your microwave oven, we recommend a specific microwave cleaner is used.
    7. To get rid of smells in your microwave place a large microwave safe bowl, with about half a pint of water and a good squeeze of lemon juice in it, into the oven. Run the microwave at maximum heat for 5 minutes. This should leave the interior smelling fresh agai

The door cannot be opened

  • Check that the child safety function is not activated. This can be deactivated as described in the operating instructions.


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